4 Key Wedding Colour Scheme Trends in 2014

4 Key Wedding Colour Scheme Trends in 2014 Spring wedding Bouquet using daffodils

Based on the 2014 colour forecasts from palette designers and colour-matching experts, Pantone, these are the key wedding colour scheme trends forecast for 2014.

Lively Spring Combinations

Create a lively colour scheme, representative of the new life springing forth at this time of the year, by weaving together complementary colours in different shades and tones. For example, violet is beautifully complemented by blush pink, but instead of using a contrasting palette of two coWedding trend colour schemes 2014lours, the palette would also incorporate numerous softer shades of both colours, such as dusky lavender or faint rose colour.

Vibrant Summer Colour Splashes

Mint green and rose pink were popular colours in 2013, and as we transitioned into 2014, they were being used more and more in combination. Expect this contrasting trend to continue with variations on mint and pink, such as navy blue with cerise pink, and royal blue with vibrant orange.

For beach-based, or destination weddings, surrounded by a backdrop of aqua sea and brilliant white sand, vibrant cerise, yellow, and different shades of blue work well.

Autumnal Monochromatic Palettes

Contrary to popular belief, a monochromatic colour scheme is not restricted to black and white. Instead, one central theme colour is chosen, and only darker and lighter shades of the same colour are used in the palette. During the Autumn months, nature-themed colour schemes based on a russet red or sage green work well.

Colour trend for flowers at a wedding 2014Barely There Chic For Winter

The technique of using a number of barely there colours within one palette is growing increasingly popular. Selecting different tones to suit each of your bridesmaids own complexion enables everyone to look their best on the day, while creating a uniquely eclectic bridal party wardrobe. Be sure to add a gentle injection of colour to the wedding decorations and flowers to warm up the colour schemes, especially if you have chosen cooler shades, such as silvers, or blues.

Choosing Your Colour Scheme

The venues interior decoration and outdoor space will heavily influence the colour selections for your wedding palette. Visit the venue with a mood board of your proposed scheme to check it will work with the surroundings, and take note of the flowers that will be in bloom in the venue's gardens when you marry. A good wedding photographer can avoid capturing unsightly colour clashes, but pictures and memories of the day will be more enjoyable if the colour scheme has been designed around the lighting and decor of the wedding space.