5 Creative Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos

5 Creative Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos  When planning your wedding photographs, it helps to begin with the end in mind. If you have an idea of how you would like your photographs to be displayed, talk to your Creative to way to show your wedding photoswedding photographer, so he can share your goal, and take photographs that fit with your vision.

Be inspired by these creative ways to display wedding photos.

1. Wedding Album

Of course you want a wedding album, but what do you want the album to look like? Do you want photo-journalism, formal poses, or fantasy-style images? Your wedding album will tell the story of the day, and to do that the images need to work together in a cohesive style, that has been agreed with your photographer.

2. Scrapbook

You will have hundreds of photographs taken on the day, only a small proportion of which will fit into your album. Your photographer will provide you with digital copies of the images on a disk, enabling you to print as many copies of the photos as you wish.

Creating a scrapbook gives you the opportunity to display these photos, along with any images captured by friends and family, and any other mementos, such as your order of service, that you would like to keep. Scrapbooks work especially well for destination wedding photographs, as they allow you to keep treasured mementos, like flight tickets, grains of sand, or a pressed flower alongside your pictures.

canvas print of wedding photo3. Printed Canvases

Many wedding photographers are able to print your favourite image onto canvas of varying sizes. As your family changes over time, instead of replacing your wedding canvas with an up-to-date picture, you can keep your canvas relevant by using it as the centrepiece of a wall collage. Add new canvases of various sizes, showing the two of you together or with pets, or children over a number of years, and your wedding canvas will never need to come down.

4. Framed Photographs

Professionally framed wedding photographs make excellent gifts for fathers and mothers of the bridal couple. If there is a particular family grouping you would like captured on your wedding day make sure your photographer knows about it in advance.

5. Photograph Collages

If you want to display a large number of images, framed photographs or canvases may not be a practical solution. One of these quirky ideas might be just the thing for your home:

- Anything that can be covered with glass, can be used as a giant photo frame. Upcycle a coffee or dining table by covering the surface with wedding photographs, then securing glass over the top.

- For a portable photographic display, turn a folding screen into a giant photo board, by criss crossing the panels with ribbon, and sticking the photos onto a patterned background. This display has the advantage of being easy to update with new photos.

- Mount frame patterned wallpaper to one wall, then stick photographs inside the frame borders.

Be sure to check your wedding photography package includes a disk with digital copies of your images. This enables you to choose the images you would like to use, and the sizes you would like them printed in, giving you plenty of scope for creating fun and quirky displays.

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