5 Little Details to Consider When Having an Outdoor Wedding

5 Little Details to Consider When Having an Outdoor Wedding With all the major arrangements made, the menu planned, outfits chosen and the wedding photographer booked, it's time to tackle the little details head on.Wedding photography outside, church ruins in Kent

1. Stop That Sinking Feeling

If your guests will be spending the majority of their time on a manicured lawn, the ladies wearing high heels will sink. This makes walking around the grounds a tiresome affair, can badly stain shoes, and drag mud into the venue. Combat that sinking feeling by ensuring there are plenty of hard standing areas available, especially where the wedding photography will take place.

High heel protectors are clear plastic covers for heel tips, which help prevent heels sinking into the ground. Package each pair in a wedding favour bag, and supply in a display bowl by the edge of the lawn, with a notice encouraging guests to help themselves.

Wedding photography in a church ruin

2. Guests Will Smoke

Being outside may signal to guests that this wedding is a smoke-friendly occasion. If you would rather restrict smoking to a particular area, make it clear with signage, and ask venue staff to redirect guests so you don't have to.

3. Beware The Weather Forecast

A UK outdoor wedding venue will be well prepared for the possibility of wind, rain or storms, as the British climate can offer a multitude of weathers in one day. But don't overlook the possibility of the day being extremely hot and sunny. As your guests were selecting their outfits they probably gave little thought to sun protection. Make sure there is plenty of shade to retreat to, and provide some bottles of hypoallergenic sunscreen along with other emergency toiletries in the bathrooms.


4. A Second Wedding Photographer

The joy of an outdoor wedding is that guests have more freedom to spread out, explore the grounds, or break away for conversations. At an indoor wedding, the bride and groom can simply survey the room to see their guests enjoying themselves. But with friends and family spread out across acres of grounds, it's harder to keep abreast of the action. Hire a Wedding Photographer that uses a second photographer who can roam the gardens capturing all the fun that you will be unable to see from your vantage point.

5. Wrap Up Warm

Whatever the weather during the day, temperatures are destined to dip when the sun sets. Help guests stay cosy, warm and colour co-ordinated by supplying a stack of luxurious blankets to wrap up in.

Avoid wedding day woes by delegating each of these small but important details to ushers, bridesmaids or venue staff, so you won't spend the day hunting for insect repellant, or tending to sunburn.

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