Aman & Rosie at Fennes in Essex my first Sikh Wedding

A wedding of firsts! My first Sikh wedding and my first at the beautiful Fennes in Essex. This was actually the second day of the two day wedding, the first being a traditional Sikh ceremony held at a templeTraditional Sikh drummer called a Gurdwara This was a December wedding and lets just say the weather wasn't really on our side, howling wind and heavy rain. However we didn't let this dampen our spirits and made the best of the gorgeous interior in the main house. When I visited the venue prior to the wedding with Aman and Rosie I was very impressed, the grounds and the main house are lovely and very picturesque but Fennes hides a card up its sleeve. Once you enter the main house, you can keep walking and walking, its huge!! I had no idea looking at the house from the outside that at the rear there is two rooms varying in size from large to enormous!!

Here are a few images from my time spent with Aman and Rosie at Fennes in Essex.

We had a great time shooting here, if you or someone you know is getting married there, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Sikh bride and groom at Fennes in Essex

Sikh wedding Fennes in Essex

Sikh bridal portrait

Traditional Sikh drummer

Sikh wedding reception

The dance floor at Fennes House

Dance floor at fennes

Sikh women dancing at sikh wedding