Downtown Abbey Wedding Photographs at Highclere Castle Berkshire

Downton Abbey Wedding Photographs at Highclere Castle Berkshire Though Highclere Castle has been the home of the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon for many years, it is actually as the location for Downton Abbey that most people know this beautiful setting.Christopher Martin Wedding Photography

You can receive your guests in the very drawing room where Maggie Smith delivered some of her most scathing remarks, or choose to have your wedding photographer capture the moment you enter the now famous park travelling up the long winding drive that leads to the main house.

Just remember to choose a wedding photographer at Highclere Castle that is a fan himself, otherwise your wishes and desires may not have the same effect!

But even if you have never seen the hit costume drama, this incredible wedding location still has an immense draw.

The wonderful restoration work that has been carried out provides the perfect frame for every wedding photograph, both in the house and throughout the luscious grounds surrounding it.

The sensational oak staircase is the perfect place to arrange a traditional group shot while the State Room provides an incredible backdrop for those all-important evening celebrations.

For a wedding location that is going to provide a lifetime of happy memories, Highclere Castle is always a wise choice.