Featured in Your Kent Wedding Magazine

Firstly, I know the blog posts have been a little (very)  thin on the ground lately but this time of year tends to get a little crazy to say the least. I have lots of cool stuff to share though so please stay tuned :) 

So, Your Kent Wedding Magazine contacted me a little while ago asking to run an editorial piece on a styled shoot I had done with the Amazing Iveta. Of course I said yes as to be honest there is nothing better for me than seeing my photos in print. As an added bonus, one of the images was also selected for the front cover!

These photos were obviously not shot at a real wedding, it was a conceptual shoot that I had been thinking about for some time and when a rare window of opportunity presented itself, the shoot was arranged. 

We shot these images in Dungeness, located on the South coast of England. If you haven’t ever visited there it is an amazing place, almost a little unworldly! 

Anyways enough babbling, I hope you enjoy the images and if you would like to get a copy of the magazine, pop over to Your Kent Wedding