Getting to Know your Wedding Photographer

Why An Engagement Photo Session Is A Must In The Build Up To Your WeddingEngagement Photography Chiddingstone Castle I know you are probably wondering why bother with engagement photos? Isn't that just showing off? Who wants to see pictures you staring gooey-eyed at each other whilst placing the ring finger in an oh-so-obvious position? Engagement photography doesn't have to be like this however and there are some very good reasons to have an engagement photo session before your wedding.

Engagement Photography is Practising for Wedding Photography

You wouldn't get married without first having a dry run right? Well that's just what engagement photography is doing. It gives you a chance to get to know your wedding photographer and decide whether they are the right photographer for you. It gives you an idea of the style of wedding photography you are looking for. See it as an experimental session. You can ask the photographer to utilise a range of styles and effects for you to browse though so you can pick the style you like the most.

Getting to Know your Wedding Photographer

It's vital that you feel comfortable with your wedding photographer, particularly if you are camera shy. The photographer needs to work with you to encourage you to come out of your shell and coax you into the limelight. A good wedding photographer should be able to spot those frozen smiles and get you to relax so that you look more comfortable and not as if someone is holding a gun to your head!

Couple kissing in front of a magnolia tree Your Wedding Photographer Getting to Know You

It's just as important that your wedding photographer gets to know you, your personalities, your quirks and your preferences. Some couples are prepared to be more daring and inject a sense of fun into their wedding photography whilst others would much prefer a dreamier, more fairytale look. Once the wedding photographer gets to know you they can suggest styles they think you would like and take into consideration your personalities so that when it really matters, on your big day, they capture the very essence of you as a couple.


Making Engagement Photos Fun

On your wedding day there is so much happening around you that you might not be aware of the photographer half the time and that's as it should be, which is why it's so fun to get engagement photographs done. You are much more relaxed, you aren't surrounded by family and friends and you don't have any time constraints or pressures.

These moments allow the photographer to capture the chemistry between you and your partner. An engagement photography session needn't be in a studio, it can be taken in the place you both met or somewhere that means something to you both. It can be creative, artistic and lots of fun. You don't have to stand and pose if you don't want to, you are in ultimately in charge and once you see the engagement photographs you will feel a lot better about your wedding photos.

If you want an engagement photography session in Kent, London, Essex, Sussex or Surrey then get in touch for an informal and friendly chat.

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