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Must Have Natural History Museum Wedding Photographs Once the museum shuts its doors to the general public, the magnificent Central Hall in the internationally-famous Waterhouse Building is transformed into a 400-person capacity wedding reception venue.Natural History Museum Wedding Photographer

Here are just some of the stunning photographs that could be incorporated into your wedding album.

The Transformation

It takes less than an hour to transform the Natural History Museum from a public attraction to a private party venue. As the floor is flooded with staff laying tables, florists placing decorations, and the band doing their soundcheck, the transformation can be photographed from a balcony.

Stone Staircase Entrance

Make the perfect entrance descending the grand stone staircase, with your guests pooled at the bottom to greet you. Photographed from above or below, this makes the perfect image with which to begin the story of your wedding reception.

The Enormous Guest

Your guests will be seated around a cast made more than 100 years ago, of a 26 metre long dinosaur. Running through the centre of the hall, Dippy the diplodocus will be featured heavily in your wedding album.

If you need a wedding photographer for a Natural History Museum reception, please get in touch to discuss your plans for the day, and ideas for your wedding album.

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