How Can I Look More Natural in Photos?

How Can I Look More Natural in Photos? It can be difficult to enjoy having your photograph taken. Many people are not happy with the result and feel disappointed with them. The best photos are captured when someone is unaware that they are being photographed.

Small children take some great photographs because they are unselfconscious. Older children often refuse to pose for photos or they are usually scowling because they didn’t want their photo taken. Teenagers are very conscious of their looks and can censor anything they don’t like, insisting that it is deleted immediately, while many adults just avoid the camera altogether.

It is possible to look good in photographs however, and anyone can do it. All it takes is a bit of knowhow and perhaps a little practice.

How can I look more natural in photos

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To help you to relax, think of a pleasant memory or a place that you love to be. Your face will relax automatically and you may even smile naturally. I know its hard but try to block out the fact a photographer is standing there with a camera.

Don’t Look at the Camera

Looking directly at the camera doesn’t help your pose to look natural. Look to one side or above it for the best results. Position your body so that it is not square on but facing slightly to the side. It is worth deciding if you have a ‘best side’ and turn that towards the camera.

Looking natural in wedding photos

Don’t Say ‘Cheese’

Saying ‘cheese’ stretches your mouth into an unnaturally wide smile. Children can specialise in these, producing a maniacal grin whenever a camera appears. Saying a word ending in ‘uh’ such as ‘yoga’ can result in a more natural photo.

Take Your Time For Photographs

Those glossy shots in the magazines are produced by taking many shots and choosing the best ones. Don’t expect a great shot in one take, but be prepared to take a few and choose the best one. If the photographer is prepared to wait then any nerves should eventually go. When you are taking shots of children, beware of boredom and keep it interesting.

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Wear Matte Make-Up

Make-up containing SPF reflects the light and can give you a shiny, washed out look. Choose matte make-up to avoid shine.

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Make sure the light is right! Outdoor shots are the best because the light is natural showing everyone at their best. Photography is often referred to as painting with light and this is so true! Without light we dont have a photo. A good photographer will see where the best light is or if there isn't any, use flash.

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Practise with Selfies

If you want to know how to take a better photograph, then practise. Make sure that you know which position you prefer to be in when having your photo taken. Check out your smiles, smooth your hair and do something interesting with your hands. When you know that you look good it will give you confidence when your photograph is taken. Getting to know what looks good and what doesn't will really help, we are all different so the same techniques wont work for everyone.

Following these suggestions should help to ensure that the next time your photograph is taken you will want to keep the end result rather than delete it.