Jake and Charlottes Big Day

What an amazing wedding day at Selsdon Park Hotel in London. Jake and Charlotte contacted me last year about being they're wedding photographer, and I am so happy they did. It was a fantastic winter wedding with amazing blue skies and golden December sunshine.

The boys started the day with groom preparations at the Selsdon Park Hotel. Whilst I captured Charlottes preparations at her parents house, about 5 minutes from the church. All Saints Church in Selsdon is lovely, reminded me of a local parish church, very ornate with some amazing stain glass windows.

The weather was crisp but not cold, the most important thing was that it wasn’t raining or even worse, snowing! Jake was there with the groomsmen in good time along with the guests. Charlottes car arrived and the bridesmaids met her and made a precession up the to church doors.

The service was very nice and the sunlight coming in through the stain glass windows looks incredible. After the service concluded and the register signed we made our way outside. A short time later we all made the shirt trip down the road to Selsdon park Hotel.

The hotel is very nice, boasting lovely grounds and an 18 hole golf course. We had a list of group shots to take and then it was onto the bride and groom photos. The sun was very low and a warm golden colour, unbelievable really considering this wedding was the end of December. 

After the photos it was time for the wedding breakfast and speeches. When I visited the venue with Jake and Charlotte prior to the wedding, Charlotte mentioned she really liked one of the staircases. After the pudding was served we sneaked out to capture a few photos there and I am really glad we did, very happy with the finished images.

It was a great day, the staff at the Selsdon Park Hotel were fantastic, the weather gods were looking down on us and it was a pleasure to work with Jake and Charlotte.

Below are just a few of my favourites from the day.

Bridesmaids throwing bouquets in the air

Bride and groom with golden winter sun in London

Bride and groom at a winter wedding

Bride and Groom in front of Selsdon Park Hotel

Wedding photo from the Selsdon Park staircase at night