Maiden's Tower, Leeds Castle

A winter Christmas wedding at the Maiden's Tower, Leeds Castle, Kent. That's exactly what Stuart and Sarah decided to do after looking at lots of different wedding venues. Was it a good choice? Absolutely! The day was fantastic and the castle as a backdrop was the icing on the cake. The guests had a wonderful day, and the food, staff and venue lived up to its impeccable reputation.

Wedding photography at Maidens Tower, Leeds Castle

The wedding took place in December so there were two givens: it was going to be cold and a percentage of the shots would be taken with little or no light. Long nights are a fact of winters in the UK, this isn't a problem as long as the photographer is prepared for it and has the necessary tools in the toolkit to still take beautiful photographs.

After the day going so well, the evening had a lot to live up to and it didn't disappoint. A Jazz Funk duet played alongside a DJ. Both were very good but the duet really blew my mind, unusual and amazing all at the same time!

A couple of days after the wedding one of the best men contacted me and has booked us to photograph his wedding later this year, will be nice to catch up with Stuart and Sarah again.