Paul and Jess's Big day

Kingston Bagpuize House is located in Oxfordshire and has been there for over 1000 years, this was to be the location for Paul and Jessica’s wedding.  It was special in that they wanted to incorporate their Chinese wedding traditions which included a traditional tea ceremony, Chinese wedding banquet and some amazing outfits!

Due to the distance of the venue from home we stayed at a local hotel the night before the wedding. Upon opening the curtains on the morning of the wedding I was faced with grey clouds and heavy rain, not the best start to any wedding day. The wedding had been planned to be held outside, heavy rain would obviously have put an end to that.

Arriving at Kingston Bagpuize House you couldn’t fail to admire this beautiful house and grounds, a truly stunning location. The house itself is still privately owned and we met the owner Viriginia shortly after arriving, we were given a very warm welcome and directed to where Jess had started bridal preparations.

The rain was still falling but Jess was confident it would stop, I have to admit I wasn’t sharing her confidence at this point. To cut a long story short, the start time was pushed back 20 minutes and this was enough time for the rain to stop, no more rain for the rest of the day!

Below are a few shots from this amazing day, to see the full gallery, please click HERE

Bride and groom Stood in front of Kingston Bagpuize House

Bride and groom kissing

Bride and groom cuddling

Bride walking through long grass

Bride and groom stood in long grass

Bride and groom with flying veil

Bride and groom sat on bench

Bride and groom, bride wearing red dress

Bride and groom photo using a sparkler at night

kingston Bagpuize House at night

The bagpuize house marquee at night

Bride and groom kissing first dance