Stoke Park is the Perfect Place to Combine the Old and New

Stoke Park is the Perfect Place to Combine the Old and New in Beautiful Wedding Photographs The historical relevance of Stoke Park goes back to 1908 when it was first founded. In its incredible 300 acre grounds, the main house seems to simply ooze romance from every brick, giving a sensational fairy tale feel to every wedding photograph taken.Wedding Photography from Christopher Martin

But with modern lighting, exquisite menus and incredible professionalism from a wonderful team of staff, Stoke Park takes the best of the past and mixes it with the finest offerings of today to create an ambience you will never forget.

Ornate fireplaces and sumptuous period features, sweeping staircases, beautiful balconies and so many different breath taking exteriors create opportunities for beautiful wedding photography that other locations simply cannot provide.

But take care when choosing wedding photographers to use at Stoke Park. Though anyone with a half decent camera can get some really good shots, to capture those once in a lifetime moments you are going to need a photographer familiar with the building and its grounds to ensure those images are exactly what you would wish for.

Stoke Parks offers some incredible opportunities for unique and totally exquisite images during the day time and after dark so just make sure your photographer knows where to be and when to ensure your memories are everything they should be.