The Sahara and Atlas Mountains

So when I was invited to join a trek in the sahara desert and also raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital at the same time, I jumped at the chance! The mountains you can see in the photos are actually part of the Atlas mountain range, looking to your left and seeing snow capped mountains and to your right the blistering hot desert was surreal to say the least! Sahara Trek desert

Now you are not going to see any wedding related photos in today's blog, as I wanted to share some of the images that I captured in the time we spent in this remarkable part of the world.

So how was it? Well the daytime was very hot and the nights were extremely cold! I had to sleep with my batteries under my armpits to try and minimise the amount of charge they would loose. Charging any kind of battery in the middle of a desert does prove problematic!

There are a load more weddings and pre-wedding shoots hitting the blog in the next few weeks so if the Sahara Desert is not your thing, drop by again soon and we will be back in the wedding zone!

Enough babbling, here are the photos.