The Wedding Photographer One Mayfair

One Mayfair Provides Dramatic Evening Wedding Venue One Mayfair is a stunning venue for your wedding day. The neoclassical architecture throughout the interior provides a dramatic backdrop to your celebrations, Christopher Martin Photography in Londoncreating a fairytale setting by day, and a party atmosphere at night.

The venue now carries a licence for marriage ceremonies, so you can use the space for your entire day. Alternatively, many couples choose to hold the marriage ceremony elsewhere, then head to One Mayfair for the reception. The refurbished church is just a short walk, or cab ride, from Hyde Park, which provides a wonderful opportunity for outdoor photographs between the ceremony and wedding breakfast.

If you choose One Mayfair for your wedding venue, select a London wedding photographer with experience photographing evening events. Many wedding photographers typically capture the daytime activities, from preparations, through the ceremony, up to the speeches, then leave the guests in peace to enjoy the evening entertainment.

However, it is at night that One Mayfair really comes alive, and you would benefit from hiring someone skilled in photographing evening events. A talented photographer will take photographs of the festivities enjoyed by you and your guests that convey the magical atmosphere created by the venue's dramatic lighting scheme.

For an experienced wedding photographer, able to adapt to any venue and lighting conditions, contact Chris Martin photography.