Wedding Photography at Night

The first shot in this blog post was taken at Eastwell Manor, a beautiful wedding venue in Ashford, Kent. It comprises of a country house set in 3000 acres, a spa and a golf course! The time we spent there for Shayne and Sarah's wedding was fantastic. Anyway I digress, back to the subject in hand, taking wedding photos at night.

Wedding Photography at Night Eastwell Manner

Taking photos at night can be problematic. I have a lot of experience and still every time we do these type of shots, it tests me. Wedding photos are typically taken in daylight or inside a venue with lights. When you take the bride and groom out of these environments and into the darkness of night, things can get very interesting.

This image taken at Shayne and Sarah's wedding worked out very well, the building itself is illuminated but not well lit, the lights as you can see are also very orange! Night shots of a bride and groom always add lots of drama when executed correctly. I personally love the challenge this type of photography poses.

This next shot was taken at Osterley Park in Isleworth, another stunning wedding venue and one that I have shot at a couple of times. The first wedding I covered there was just for the service so we were not there after sun down. James and Heather however went on into the evening so we were able to jump out of the reception to take a couple of photos.

Wedding Photography at Night Osterley Park House

The final image is from Ryan and Sarah's wedding at Mountains Country House in Hildenborough, Kent. The balls of fire were actually tea lights but due to the long exposure, they look like fireballs! Please excuse the badly drawn love heart, drawing in the dark using only the light of an iPhone proved quite tricky!

Wedding Photography at Night Mountains Country Mansion

So what's next? I am always looking to push the boundaries on my wedding photography and without giving too much away, it will involve sparklers and very bright lights!

If you are getting married and want to add that wow factor into your album, think about steeping out when the sun has gone down. I don't think you'll be disappointed.