Wedding Photography Ideas At Kensington Palace

Wedding Photography Ideas At Kensington Palace Built in 1704 under the direction of Queen Anne, the Orangery was originally planned to shelter her orange trees over the winter. Instead, the palatial decor Kensington Palace Wedding Photography and Portland stone terrace, made it the ideal venue for lavish balls and parties. Today this romantic setting is one of the most luxurious wedding venues in London, offering couples the opportunity to marry in a Royal residence.

Your wedding photography at Kensington Palace Orangery will capture the romance of the day, and magnificence of the venue, with these popular backdrops.

The Cupola Room

With a trompe l'oeil painted on the ceiling, this room surrounds the bride and groom in opulence, and is beautiful when photographed from any angle.

The Sunken Gardens

With its vibrant colours, this is the ideal setting to relax with your guests after the ceremony, and creates the perfect backdrop for some fun, and authentic moments to add to your wedding album.

The Orangery

A photograph straight down the length of the tables in the Orangery will perfectly capture the excitement and enjoyment of your guests during the wedding breakfast.

If you choose Kensington Palace as your wedding venue, contact us to discuss photography ideas, and plans for your wedding album.

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